A message from Jennie

Hello and welcome to all you lovely fans.

I attended a Doctor Who convention in Crawley, Saturday April 27th, a very busy and successful day; Katy Manning was also there along with Peter Purves, Louise Jameson, David Benson, Julian Glover and Tony Osaba.   It was great to be back after nursing a compound fracture for so long, and I hope to be able to attend more conventions. There is possibly a date in August this year on the Isle of Wight, more news on that later.

I appeared in my  “Conversation with James Vaux ” in February  of this year , in Bembridge , Isle Of Wight , this makes it my fourth performance of this event , it was played to an audience of 55 people in the beautiful  sailing club  of Bembridge, where many celebrity speakers have shared their experiences.

It is always so good to meet you all at various film and television events; if you can’t make it to an event then visit my store if you would like to order a signed photo or DVD.

Thank you for your constant support and love, and I will remain always faithful to you all.

With love to you wherever you are,