Lillie: The Complete Series DVD Boxset


Signed by Jennie Linden

Contains all 13 episodes of the 1978 TV series Lillie.

The Rise and Fall of a Professional Beauty. It was the affair that shook Victorian society to its core.  He was the Prince of Wales, the future monarch; she was a professional beauty, who became a royal bedmate.  Lillie is a story of scandal and intrigue; of notoriety and cold-hearted manipulation and of heart-wrenching, passionate romance. This lavish production follows the fascinating life of the Dean of Jersey's daughter from her modest childhood to her emergence as one of the most celebrated beauties of her time.  Lillie's liaison with the heir to the throne marked only the beginning of a remarkable, scandalous and daring series of adventures in open defiance of accepted morality imposed by Victorian and Edwardian society. Trapped in a loveless marriage, Lillie soon takes full advantage of her beauty and enchantment, attracting many lovers including the Prince of Wales, Oscar Wilde and other members of London's elite society. As her destructive husband drinks himself to death, Lillie embarks upon a flourishing career as an actress travelling all over America entertaining the most fashionable crowds. After an illustrious life enduring rich and sometimes ruthless lovers, financial ruin and scandal, Lillie forever preserves her dignity and grace until her retirement in the south of France.  This is the unforgettable chronicle of the life of Lillie Langtry.

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